Touch Screen TV: Best Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Uncover our curated selection of the best touch screen TVs on the market today. Dive into in-depth reviews of each product to find the perfect match for your viewing preferences and lifestyle. Scroll down to explore our top picks and elevate your TV-watching experience like never before.

LG StanbyMe 27-Inch Portable Touch-Screen Monitor 27ART10AKPL, 2022

LG StanbyMe 27-Inch Portable Touch-Screen Monitor 27ART10AKPL, 2022

The LG StanbyMe 27-Inch Portable Touch-Screen Monitor offers a revolutionary touch-screen experience that transforms the way you interact with your digital content. This monitor is designed to provide users with a seamless and intuitive touch interface, making it ideal for both work and play.

Featuring a generous 27-inch display, this portable monitor delivers crisp and vibrant visuals that bring your content to life. Whether you are watching movies, playing games, or working on creative projects, the LG StanbyMe monitor ensures an immersive viewing experience like no other.

Equipped with advanced touch-screen technology, this monitor allows for precise and responsive touch input. With just a tap or swipe of your finger, you can navigate menus, scroll through web pages, and interact with applications effortlessly. The responsive nature of the touch screen makes using this monitor feel natural and intuitive.

One of the standout features of the LG StanbyMe monitor is its portability. Measuring just 27 inches in size and featuring a slim profile, this monitor is easy to carry around and set up wherever you go. Whether you need an extra screen for your laptop while working on-the-go or want to enjoy multimedia content in different rooms of your home, this portable monitor offers unparalleled convenience.

In addition to its impressive display quality and touch-screen capabilities, the LG StanbyMe monitor also boasts versatile connectivity options. With multiple ports including HDMI and USB-C inputs, you can easily connect various devices such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more to expand your viewing options.

Screen Size27 inches
Touch TechnologyCapacitive
Refresh Rate60Hz
Built-in BatteryYes
MobilityFive wheels for easy mobility
Airplay2 SupportYes
ColorNeutral beige
Processorα7 Gen4 AI Processor
CompatibilityApple devices, HomeKit
Swivel RotationFull swivel rotation
Remote IncludedYes

Chengying 55 Inch 10 Point Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Frame

Chengying 55 Inch 10 Point Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Frame

The Chengying 55-inch 10-point multi-touch infrared touch frame stands out for its exceptional user experience. This innovative touch frame redefines interactive displays by offering a seamless and responsive touch interface that can detect up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

Imagine effortlessly navigating through content, zooming in on images, or collaborating with multiple users on a large 55-inch screen – all made possible by the advanced technology of the Chengying touch frame. Whether you are in a classroom, boardroom, retail environment, or interactive exhibit, this touch frame enhances user engagement and interaction like never before.

Integrating the Chengying touch frame into various settings opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing communication and collaboration. In educational settings, teachers can create dynamic and engaging lessons that cater to different learning styles. Students can interact directly with content, fostering active participation and knowledge retention.

In corporate environments, the Chengying touch frame facilitates more effective presentations and brainstorming sessions. Teams can work together seamlessly on projects, annotate documents in real-time, and unleash their creativity in ways that traditional displays cannot match.

Retail spaces can benefit from the immersive shopping experiences enabled by the Chengying touch frame. Customers can explore products virtually, access additional information with a simple tap or swipe, and make informed purchasing decisions – all while enjoying a visually stunning display that captures attention.

The versatility of the Chengying touch frame extends to museums, trade shows, hotels, and other public spaces where interactive experiences are key to captivating audiences. From interactive exhibits that educate and entertain visitors to digital wayfinding solutions that enhance guest experiences – this touch frame is a game-changer in creating memorable interactions.

Screen Size55 inch
Touch Points10 Point Multi-Touch
Frame DesignSuper thin
ApplicationDigital Signage; Kiosk; Exhibitions; TV Channels; Education Whiteboard; Command Center and Boardroom; Commercial Transportation
CompatibilityWindows OS, Win8, Win10, Win11 (10 point touch supported); Microsoft Teams and Zoom optimized
Driver RequirementHID driver installation required for Mac OS
Screen IncludedNo
Response TimeFast
Ambient Light ImmunityUp to 150,000lux
ChipBuilt-in multi-core high-speed
Scanning AlgorithmHigh-speed multi-point
Weight3.3 pounds

LG StandbyME Go 27″ Full HD HDR Smart LED Portable Briefcase TV

LG StandbyME Go 27" Full HD HDR Smart LED Portable Briefcase TV

Dive into the world of portable entertainment with the LG StandbyME Go 27″ full HD HDR smart LED TV. This innovative device offers a unique combination of portability and advanced features, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go entertainment.

Experience the convenience of a portable briefcase TV that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies wherever you go. The LG StandbyME Go 27″ features a compact design that is easy to carry, making it perfect for road trips, camping adventures, or simply lounging in your backyard.

One of the standout features of this portable TV is its full HD resolution and HDR technology, which deliver stunning visuals with vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or streaming content online, you can expect an immersive viewing experience with lifelike images.

The smart LED technology ensures energy-efficient performance without compromising on picture quality. You can enjoy crisp images and deep blacks while minimizing power consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice for entertainment on the go.

With built-in smart capabilities, this portable briefcase TV allows you to access your favorite streaming services directly from the device. Stay connected and entertained wherever you are without the need for additional accessories or devices.

The LG StandbyME Go 27″ also comes equipped with multiple connectivity options, including HDMI inputs and USB ports, allowing you to easily connect external devices such as gaming consoles or media players. You can customize your entertainment experience by connecting various devices to enhance your viewing options.

Explore how this portable briefcase TV combines portability with high-quality visuals for a truly versatile entertainment solution. Whether you’re traveling or relaxing at home, the LG StandbyME Go 27″ offers a seamless viewing experience that adapts to your lifestyle.

Screen Size27 inches
ResolutionFull HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Built-in BatteryYes, for wireless use
ConnectivityWi-Fi, HDMI, USB
Voice ControlYes
Remote Control IncludedYes
Portable DesignYes, built into a briefcase
Adjustable Screen OrientationLandscape, portrait, table modes
Dolby Vision CompatibleYes
Dolby AtmosYes
Weight31.6 pounds
Dimensions1.2 x 24.4 x 14.2 inches
Built-in SpeakersYes
Operating System CompatibilityLG webOS, Apple devices
NFCYes, for wireless content mirroring
Airplay2 SupportYes, for streaming and sharing from Apple devices
ColorNeutral beige
MobilityFive wheels for easy movement
AI Processorα7 Gen4 AI Processor
Smart FeaturesOver 300 LG Channels
Wi-Fi EnabledYes
VESA Mount CompatibleN/A

Akntzcs Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Akntzcs Touchscreen Portable Monitor

The Akntzcs Touchscreen Portable Monitor is a game-changer with its exceptional touch screen functionality. This monitor offers a seamless and interactive experience, making it perfect for both productivity and entertainment purposes on the go.

Enhancing productivity, this portable monitor allows you to work efficiently from anywhere. Its touch screen feature enables easy navigation and interaction with content, enhancing workflow and multitasking capabilities. Whether you’re working on presentations, editing documents, or conducting research, this monitor ensures smooth operation.

For entertainment purposes, the Akntzcs touchscreen monitor delivers an immersive viewing experience. Watch your favorite movies or videos with stunning clarity and vibrant colors on the high-resolution display. The touch screen capability adds an extra layer of engagement, allowing you to interact directly with your media content.

Versatility is key. This device can be used for various applications including gaming, design work, programming, video editing, and more. Its compatibility with different devices such as laptops, smartphones, cameras make it a versatile tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The portability of this monitor makes it ideal for those who are constantly on the move. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, simply pack up the lightweight and slim design of the Akntzcs touchscreen monitor to have a second screen wherever you go. Stay productive during flights or train rides or enjoy entertainment in your hotel room without compromising on quality.

Screen Size15.6 inches
Touch Panel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate60Hz
Touch TechnologyTen-point capacitive
Built-in BatteryNo
Wireless ConnectivityYes
PortsHDMI, USB-C, 3.5mm
VESA Mounting HolesYes

Soulaca 22 inch Smart Touchscreen Magic Mirror TV Bathroom with WiFi Bluetooth Embedded Shower Television DTV ATSC 2024 New Model

Soulaca 22 inch Smart Touchscreen Magic Mirror TV Bathroom with WiFi Bluetooth Embedded Shower Television DTV ATSC 2024 New Model

Experience innovation like never before with the Soulaca 22-inch smart touchscreen magic mirror TV, specially designed for bathrooms. This cutting-edge product seamlessly combines entertainment and functionality in a sleek and modern design that will elevate your bathroom experience to a whole new level.

The unique features of this smart touchscreen TV include built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to stream your favorite shows or music effortlessly while getting ready for the day. The embedded shower television feature ensures that you can enjoy watching your preferred programs even during your relaxing bath time.

With its DTV ATSC compatibility, this new model from Soulaca not only provides crystal-clear picture quality but also offers a wide range of channels for you to choose from. Say goodbye to dull moments in the bathroom as you immerse yourself in the world of entertainment right at your fingertips.

The Soulaca 22-inch smart touchscreen magic mirror TV is truly a game-changer. Gone are the days of staring at plain walls or outdated magazines while freshening up – now you can stay entertained and informed without ever leaving your bathroom.

Whether you’re catching up on the news, binge-watching your favorite series, or simply enjoying some music while getting ready, this innovative product caters to all your entertainment needs in one compact and stylish package. Say hello to convenience and sophistication with the Soulaca smart touchscreen TV.

Screen Size22 inches
Touch TechnologyFull touch panel
Operating SystemAndroid 11.0
Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth
HDMI Ports2
USB Ports1
Audio Output PortYes
LAN PortYes
Built-in SpeakersYes
Remote ControlYes, IP68 waterproof
Aspect Ratio16:9
Dimensions (W x H x D)498 x 315 x 41 mm (19.6”x12.4”x1.6”)
Suitable forBathrooms, hotels, kitchens
InstallationRecessed or surface mounted
Built-in BatteryNo
Swivel/Rotating ScreenNo
Airplay2 SupportNo

Asus VT229H 21.5″ Monitor 1080P IPS 10-Point Touch Eye Care with HDMI VGA, Black

Asus VT229H 21.5" Monitor 1080P IPS 10-Point Touch Eye Care with HDMI VGA, Black

The Asus VT229H 21.5″ monitor stands out for its remarkable eye care technology, making it a standout choice for those who prioritize visual health. This monitor offers a unique experience with a 10-point touch feature and an IPS display that ensures high-quality visuals.

Delve into the world of eye care technology with the Asus VT229H monitor as it incorporates features designed to reduce eye strain during prolonged use. The flicker-free technology and blue light filter help minimize eye fatigue, allowing for extended viewing sessions without discomfort.

Experience the benefits of a 10-point touch monitor that provides precise and responsive touch controls. Whether you are navigating through applications or interacting with content, the multi-touch capability enhances usability and productivity.

The IPS display on the Asus VT229H delivers stunning visuals with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Enjoy crisp details and accurate color reproduction for an immersive viewing experience across various tasks, from multimedia consumption to creative design work.

Prioritizing eye health while delivering top-notch visuals is where the Asus VT229H excels. The combination of innovative technologies ensures a comfortable viewing experience without compromising on image quality, making it an ideal choice for users who spend long hours in front of their screens.

Screen Size21.5″
Touch Capacity10-point
Panel TypeIPS
Viewing Angles178°
DesignFrameless design
ConnectivityHDMI, VGA
Eye Care TechnologyYes (flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter)
Multi-Display SetupSeamless
Touch Gestures SupportYes (Windows 10 touch gestures)
Color TechnologyASUS Splendid Video technology (color accuracy and image fidelity)
VESA MountableYes
Additional FeaturesFree 3-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

ViewSonic TD2230

ViewSonic TD2230

The ViewSonic TD2230 touch-screen monitor is a game-changer. With its 22-inch Full HD 1080p resolution screen, this monitor offers crisp and vibrant visuals that bring content to life. The 10-point projected capacitive touch technology allows for smooth and accurate touch responses, making navigation effortless.

One of the standout features of the ViewSonic TD2230 is its versatile design, catering to both professional and personal use. Whether you are giving a presentation at work or enjoying multimedia content at home, this monitor delivers an immersive experience. The ergonomic stand offers tilt functionality, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for maximum comfort.

Enhancing interactivity and user experience is where the ViewSonic TD2230 truly shines. The intuitive touch capabilities enable seamless interaction with applications, websites, and multimedia content. From scrolling through documents to playing touchscreen games, this monitor opens up a world of possibilities.

For professionals, the ViewSonic TD2230 can be a valuable tool in presentations, brainstorming sessions, or collaborative work environments. Its responsive touch screen makes it easy to annotate on documents or sketches in real-time. In educational settings, teachers can engage students more effectively by utilizing the interactive features of this monitor.

On the personal front, the ViewSonic TD2230 transforms entertainment experiences by providing a hands-on approach to consuming content. Watching videos, browsing photos, or playing games becomes more engaging with the tactile feedback offered by the touch screen technology.

Screen Size22 inches
Screen Resolution1920×1080 pixels
Touch Technology10-point projected capacitive touch
Panel TypeSuper Clear IPS-type panel
Durability7H hardness touch screen, edge-to-edge frameless design
ConnectivityHDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, VGA
CompatibilityWindows 10, certain Android and Linux versions
View ModeYes
Eye Care TechnologyFlicker-Free and Blue Light Filter
Refresh Rate60Hz
Stand DesignFreestanding slim bezel tablet design with stable adjustable stand
Multi-touch Technology10-point pressure-sensing touchscreen
Contrast Ratio50M:1
VESA MountableYes
Built-in SpeakersN/A

Touchwo 43 Inch Interactive Touchscreen Monitor

Touchwo 43 Inch Interactive Touchscreen Monitor

The Touchwo 43-Inch Interactive Touchscreen Monitor offers an unparalleled interactive communication experience. With this innovative monitor, users can delve into the realm of collaborative work and captivating presentations like never before. Transforming traditional displays into dynamic and interactive platforms, this touchscreen monitor opens up a world of possibilities.

Imagine having a large 43-inch screen at your fingertips, responding to touch with precision and speed. The Touchwo Interactive Touchscreen Monitor provides just that – a responsive and intuitive interface that enhances user engagement and productivity. Whether you are brainstorming ideas in a team meeting or delivering a presentation to clients, this monitor elevates the way you interact with digital content.

One of the key features of the Touchwo Interactive Touchscreen Monitor is its ability to facilitate seamless collaboration among users. By enabling multiple touch points simultaneously, this monitor empowers teams to work together in real-time, making brainstorming sessions more dynamic and productive. Users can easily annotate documents, draw diagrams, or manipulate images with simple gestures on the expansive touchscreen display.

In addition to fostering teamwork, this touchscreen monitor is also ideal for engaging presentations. With its vibrant display and responsive touch capabilities, presenters can captivate their audience by navigating through content effortlessly. From interactive slideshows to multimedia demonstrations, the Touchwo Interactive Touchscreen Monitor adds an element of interactivity that keeps viewers engaged and attentive.

Moreover, the versatility of this interactive touchscreen monitor extends beyond business settings. Educators can leverage its interactive features to create immersive learning experiences for students, while retail environments can utilize it for interactive product showcases or digital signage displays.

Display Size43 inches
Operating SystemAndroid 11.0
Touch Points10
Stylus RequiredNo
Interface Options2x USB, HDMI, TF/SD card slot, LAN & WiFi, 3.5mm audio jack
Built-in SpeakersYes
Screen Mirroring CapabilityYes (mobile phones, laptops), live streaming equipment connection
Wireless ConnectivityYes (screen mirroring, live streaming)
Camera and Microphone ConnectivityYes (additional accessories required)
PackagingSturdy packaging with 30-day free return, 1-year warranty
Customer Service7×24 online support
Usage ScenariosSmart TV play, picture display, industrial control panel, video conference
Additional FeaturesReal-time editing and sharing, multiple device connectivity
Dimensions1.86 x 38.79 x N/A inches

ApoloSign 32-Inch Smart Screen Portable Monitor

ApoloSign 32-Inch Smart Screen Portable Monitor

The ApoloSign 32-inch Smart Screen Portable Monitor is a game-changer in the world of portable displays. With its sleek design and innovative features, this monitor offers unparalleled convenience for professionals on the move and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

Featuring a vibrant 32-inch touchscreen display, the ApoloSign monitor delivers crisp images and vivid colors that bring your content to life. Whether you’re giving a presentation or watching your favorite movie, the clarity and sharpness of this screen will impress you from the moment you power it on.

One of the standout features of the ApoloSign monitor is its smart functionality. Equipped with advanced technology, this monitor allows for seamless interaction through touch controls, making navigation smooth and effortless. This intuitive interface enhances usability, whether you’re browsing through documents or playing games on the go.

Designed with portability in mind, the ApoloSign monitor is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for professionals who need to work remotely or present their ideas on-the-fly. Its compact size doesn’t compromise on performance, ensuring that you can enjoy high-quality visuals wherever you go.

For professionals who are constantly on the move, having a portable monitor like the ApoloSign can be a game-changer. Whether you’re working from a coffee shop or catching up on emails during your commute, this monitor provides flexibility and convenience without sacrificing quality.

Entertainment enthusiasts will also appreciate the versatility of the ApoloSign monitor. From streaming movies to playing video games, this display offers an immersive viewing experience that rivals traditional TVs. The touchscreen capabilities add an extra layer of interactivity that takes entertainment to new heights.

Resolution1920×1080 pixels
Screen Size32 inches
Battery Life4-6 hours
Operating SystemAndroid OS
SpeakersQuartet of speakers
AdjustmentsRotation: 90˚ CW/CCW, Swivel: 30˚ L/R, Tilt: 25˚ F/B, Lift: 18cm
Ambient SoundscapesYes
Screen Casting OptionsWireless and wired

Vizio 24-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TV

Vizio 24-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TV

Dive into the world of smart entertainment with the Vizio 24-inch D-Series full HD smart TV. This compact yet powerful television brings high-definition visuals and smart functionalities right to your fingertips.

Experience stunning clarity and vibrant colors with the Full HD 1080p resolution of the Vizio 24-inch D-Series Smart TV. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or streaming your favorite shows, every detail comes to life on this impressive screen.

The smart features of this TV take your viewing experience to a whole new level. With built-in WiFi connectivity, you can easily access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and more. The intuitive interface allows for seamless navigation through apps and content, ensuring that you never miss out on your favorite entertainment.

One standout feature of the Vizio 24-inch D-Series Smart TV is its compatibility with voice control devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. By simply using your voice, you can adjust settings, search for content, and even control other smart home devices—all without lifting a finger.

This smart TV comes equipped with multiple HDMI ports and USB inputs, making it easy to connect external devices such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players. You can enjoy all types of media on this versatile television without any hassle.

ResolutionFull HD 1080p
BacklightFull Array LED
ProcessorIQ Picture Processor
Gaming EngineV-Gaming Engine
Smart PlatformSmartCast
Streaming ServicesApple AirPlay, Chromecast built-in
Audio SupportDolby Atmos, DTS:X
Energy Consumption49 kWh per year

Buyer’s Guide

When considering a touch-screen TV or monitor, one standout option to explore is the LG StanbyMe 27-Inch Portable Touch-Screen Monitor 27ART10AKPL. This innovative device offers exceptional portability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for various settings.

One key factor to consider when choosing a touch-screen TV or monitor is the display size. The LG StanbyMe 27-Inch Portable Touch-Screen Monitor provides a generous screen size of 27 inches, offering ample viewing space for enhanced productivity and entertainment experiences.

It is crucial to assess the resolution of the touch-screen display. The LG StanbyMe monitor boasts high-quality resolution, ensuring crisp and clear visuals for an immersive viewing experience. Whether you are engaging in work tasks or enjoying multimedia content, the sharp display of this monitor enhances overall usability.

Another essential aspect to evaluate is the touch-screen technology utilized in the device. The LG StanbyMe features advanced touch-screen capabilities that are responsive and accurate, allowing for seamless interaction with on-screen content. Whether you are navigating through applications or drawing directly on the screen, this touch-screen monitor delivers precision and efficiency.

Furthermore, connectivity options play a significant role in determining the versatility of a touch-screen TV or monitor. The LG StanbyMe comes equipped with various connectivity ports, enabling effortless integration with external devices such as laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles. This flexibility ensures that you can easily expand your entertainment or work setup without any hassle.

Moreover, ergonomic design elements enhance user comfort during prolonged use of a touch-screen device like the LG StanbyMe. With adjustable viewing angles and intuitive controls, this portable monitor prioritizes user convenience and ergonomics for an optimal user experience.


You’ve explored a range of touch screen TV options, from portable monitors to smart TVs. Each product offers unique features like multi-touch capabilities, smart connectivity, and innovative designs. Whether you’re looking for a versatile monitor for work or a sleek TV for entertainment, there’s a touch screen device to suit your needs. Consider factors like size, resolution, and connectivity options to find the perfect fit for your space and usage requirements.

Upgrade your viewing experience with a touch screen TV that combines functionality and style. With the right choice, you can enhance productivity, enjoy immersive entertainment, and stay connected effortlessly. Dive into the world of touch screen technology and discover how these innovative devices can transform your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chengying 55 Inch Infrared Touch Frame suitable for commercial use?

Yes, the Chengying 55 Inch Infrared Touch Frame is ideal for various commercial applications such as digital signage, kiosks, exhibitions, education whiteboards, and command centers. Its easy integration and fast response make it a high-end choice for interactive displays.

What are the key features of the Soulaca 22 inch Smart Touchscreen Magic Mirror TV?

The Soulaca 22 inch Smart Touchscreen Magic Mirror TV offers a waterproof design suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. It features an Android system, Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality speakers, and a full HD touchscreen panel. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, it provides a luxurious entertainment experience in wet environments.

How does the Asus VT229H Monitor enhance user experience?

The Asus VT229H Monitor delivers a seamless multi-touch experience with its frameless design and IPS panel technology. Equipped with ASUS Eye Care technology and flexible connectivity options like HDMI and VGA ports, this monitor ensures comfortable viewing while supporting Windows touch gestures.

Can the ViewSonic TD2230 be used by MacOS users effectively?

Yes, MacOS users can utilize touch and gesture controls on the ViewSonic TD2230 monitor using ViewSonic’s vTouch driver. The durable freestanding design with stable adjustable stand ensures optimal usability for MacOS users seeking reliable touch functionality in their work or leisure activities.

What sets the ApoloSign 32-Inch Smart Screen Portable Monitor apart from others?

The ApoloSign 32-Inch Smart Screen Portable Monitor stands out due to its FHD Incell screen quality, quartet of speakers delivering exceptional audio performance with ambient soundscapes feature. With tailored Android OS access to Google Play Store apps and wireless design offering up to 6 hours of use on battery power.