Did Apple invent the Touch Screen?

One of the hottest topics in tech today is “Did Apple invents the touch screen?” The exciting news is that the long wait for a true replacement to the iPhone may be over. Consumer electronics giant Apple has already begun work on its next generation of phones. And according to sources, the new devices will feature a revolutionary multi-touch interface similar to those used on iPads and iPhones. However, if you’re not so sure about whether or not Apple has actually invented the technology that many are anticipating, consider this question: How does your iPhone work?

Did Apple invent the touch screen

You probably recognize the general design elements of an iPhone – the tap-screen user interface, the large, main dial, the three home buttons and the on-screen button that start the phone call you’re currently making. But did you also know that there are actually other functions that can only be executed with the use of the multi-touch screen of the iPhone? For example, did you know that you can change the wallpaper, change the color theme, open up the Mail app and a slew of other options with the simple swipe of your finger?

It’s amazing that Apple would put the technology into the hands of consumers. It’s a sign of the times – and a huge leap forward in mobile phone technology. Imagine how it would feel to use your iPhone to order takeout meals at your favorite restaurant. Or to reply to an email while casually strolling through the park.

There’s no doubt that the multi-touch interface will find its way into iPhones and into the phones of every other major mobile phone industry player in the future. Will Apple and its competitors capitalize on this craze? That’s anyone’s guess. After all, multi-touch systems are incredibly expensive, and the experience hasn’t been widespread yet in the United States. The success of Apple’s new device will ultimately depend on whether or not the mobile phone industry is able to produce quality multi-touch hardware products.

If the rumors are true and Apple does, in fact, patent the multi-touch display technology, then we could see this technology pop up in phones around the world before anyone has a chance to write about it. With so many companies currently trying to figure out a unique design for their phones, it might be difficult to come up with a truly unique phone. That’s one of the many reasons why the patent filing could be such a big deal. Smartphones could incorporate a multi-touch system right from the beginning. With the iPhone and other smart phones paving the way, we could soon be looking at a new era of phones that incorporate this new technology.

If the rumors are true and the multi-touch technology does arrive for use in iPhones, then it’s a sign that Apple has once again re-invented the wheel. They may very well be the company to beat out the rest of the phone industry when it comes to innovating. The Apple “I’m sorry” screen and the “Do you regret getting me” voice recognition features could make using an iPhone that much more painful. Who knows, but it looks like the “I’m sorry” voice recognition feature is right around the corner.