How Does Bank Digital Signage Help Improve Customer Service?

bank digital signage

Digital signage has been helping banks and other financial institutions promote their products for years, and now the technology is being applied to customer experience as well. The idea is that a bank’s screens will tell a story about its services to a potential customer. For example, if a customer wants to find out more information about a particular type of loan, he or she might see a graphic of an employee with a computer mouse signifying the loan application process. Or if a customer wants to check his credit score, he might see a screen displaying the current credit rating. A digital signage network can even tell a customer how many applications he has left so he doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Banks are increasingly using bank digital signage networks in order to display not only relevant information, but also encourage customers to take action. In one New York City location, screens started displaying videos of employees performing an assortment of tasks, and these videos led to customers interacting with one another. According to an NY Times article, the videos were “designed to be entertaining and informative, but not frivolous.” Employees at the branch were then encouraged to interact with one another, and they did. The result was that one employee began leading a group of customers in a chant of “Don’t worry, be happy!”

Digital screens are also starting to replace bank service desk posters. Service desks used to be a great way for people to get information about a particular bank service. Customers could look up the contact information for the service desk, and then ask questions. Now, thanks to the installation of digital screens, customers can look up a customer service number and then contact the customer service representative without having to move from their seat. People no longer have to move from their seats to contact a branch. This makes bank digital signage a great way to improve customer service.

Banks are also using bank digital signage to boost internal communications. When employees in a bank are happy and productive, they tend to bounce ideas back and forth among themselves. It is hard to keep everyone motivated when there are problems. In order to make sure that the workplace is running smoothly, it’s important to post regular and necessary information on the screens around the office. In some cases, employees can be directed to specific boards or information without having to move from their seats. The screens can keep employees moving toward the right direction, which improves internal communications.

Real-time updates are also starting to appear on bank digital signage. Technology now allows banks to update content as it occurs. For example, when a flight lands at one of the airports, employees will be shown relevant information regarding the flight, which is updated in real-time. In this way, the content on the signage can improve customer service and show employees how they affect the company.

The introduction of the cloud has changed how customers need to think about banking. Instead of going to a physical branch where they can see a bank teller, customers need to think about what they want to see. They no longer want to see the teller’s face – they want to know what she’s doing. This helps the bank service agent keep the bank clean. Customers want to know what’s going on and what is going on with their money. Digital signage helps by showing them relevant and up-to-date information at all times.