How To Choose A Large Format Touch Screen Displays

If you need a large format touch screen display for your business, there are many companies that make these types of displays. They can be used in retail stores, at sporting events, in the home, or just about anywhere. A touch screen display is an excellent way to add a feature to your store, or a way to entertain potential customers. When you have the opportunity to entertain, your bottom line will benefit. It does not cost much to have one of these large format touch screens available for your use.

large format touch screen displays

One of the things you want to consider when looking for large format touch screen displays is what type of material you want to use. You will need to decide if you are going to use a matte or gloss surface finish. Gloss finishes are great for things like brochures and other signage where you do not want to spend money repainting every time there is a change in the signage. Matte finish displays will give the same high quality images, and are less prone to being damaged by the weather.

Many companies offer large format touch screen displays in the following different formats: Widescreen, 16-bit, and High-resolution. There are also touch point options that are referred to as “pen touch points”. These are touch points that are made up of a series of tiny raised dots just like your real fingertip, but only the tip of your finger. The point is very sensitive, and the image you are trying to view will change as you move your fingers up and down the screen.

There are many different manufacturers of large format touch screen displays. Some of the names include Hewlett Packard, Dell, Digital, and Acer. Some of these manufacturers have been around longer than others, which helps with your decision. Some of the largest producers of these types of displays are HP, Dell, Sharp, Sony, Acer, and Asus. Each of these manufacturers have several different models available.

One decision you may want to make is to shop windows with the larger multi-touch foil systems. They are easier to install and use and can save your company money in the long run. Shop windows that are thin can hide some of the features you really want to show. You don’t want to sacrifice your advertising budget in order to save space.

One other option you have for large format displays is laminated displays. These displays are like glass panels with protective coatings on them. It has become popular for companies to use these in their commercial displays because they require less cleaning and maintenance than most other types of displays. Laminated commercial displays are usually clear but there are also available in different colors.

There are still many other sizes and types of large format touch screen displays to choose from. The important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a display is the amount of information you need to display and the space limitations of your location. If you already have a full-service advertising agency in place, ask them about any large format displays they have in stock. Many agencies have a large inventory of these displays ready to go if you need them. If you don’t have one of these agencies you can easily find these displays at many retailers such as office supply stores and online.

Whatever format you decide on, make sure you pick the right size. Touch screen displays are measured in DPI which is a common way to compare the size of the electronic displays. Some companies like to call their product by different names such as wipg or touch displays, but the actual measurements will be different. Call all of your vendors to make sure they have the right digital signage equipment to meet your needs before purchasing.